Liz Ashburn

From 1987 to 1993 my interest was in aspects of Australian agriculture and its impact on the environment. Death and Enclosure considered the poisons and farming practices which resulted in death; Immediate Life focused on the practices around growing and harvesting potatoes; Enclosure was based on the results of enclosing land and Death Cycle examined the manipulation of animals to achieve lean carcasses. Finally in The New Landscape the concern was the control of animal lives and behavior. Disinheritance is a later work based on the degradation of the land through mining and irrigation.

Death and Enclosure 1987 Installation. Wood, metal, sheepskin and cloth.

Immediate Life 1988 Installation. Wood, cloth and potatoes.

Enclosure 1988 Installation with Anne Mossey.  Wood, metal, cloth and wool.

Death Cycle 1988 Installation. Wood.

Immediate Life XX XX

The New Landscape 1993 Installation. Wood, paper and glass.

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